10 Simple Steps to Use Evernote to Improve Your IT Career

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10 Simple Steps to Use Evernote to Improve Your IT Career

Ben Brumm
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How To Effectively Use Evernote to Become More Organised and Improve Your IT Career Even If You've Never Used It Before

Are you sick of spending time looking through your notebook to find notes that you had taken months ago?

Do you forget what was said or discussed during meetings?

Do you have trouble finding notes that you've written in various places?

Do you sometimes wish you had access to your notes when you're away from your work computer?

Do you find yourself looking on the Internet for the solution to a work-related problem more than once?

I know what that’s like.

I was taking notes using pen and paper for years. It worked… for a while.

Until I started filling up many notebooks. Until I needed to go back and find a specific note that I took in a notebook.

Putting markers or dates on the page didn’t help much.

My notes were all over the place. Disorganised. Messy. I had to bring my notebooks to meetings and home sometimes we well.

I even tried text files and Microsoft Word documents. They were hard to organise, set up, and it was also hard to find specific notes.

What Did I Do To Fix This?


Free, online, used on many devices. It’s used by a lot of people, and designed exactly for this purpose – storing notes about a range of topics.

But, it can be hard to set up Evernote just the way you like it. As an IT professional, using it at work means it needs to be set up to handle this information.

Other Evernote Guides

There are a few other guides available that show you how to use Evernote. They’re quite good at explaining Evernote, I’ve even used a few.

But, they mainly focus on all the things you can use Evernote for, such as recipes, kids photos, or personal to-do lists.

Which is why I have another solution for you

What Is The Solution?

This solution is a guide that shows you how to set up Evernote for your workplace.

It’s focused on your role as someone in the IT industry. Because, us IT professionals use note-taking software for different purposes than others.

We do specific work, and may need to take notes for:

  • Source code examples
  • Solutions to common problems
  • Lists or links to software you use
  • Notes from meetings you attend
  • URLs to other resources
  • Development environment information

This guide shows you, in ten simple steps, how to:

  • Set up Evernote, even if you’ve never used it before
  • What you can take notes about
  • How to make it work for you as an IT professional

“What if I want to use my current system, which is paper and pen?”

Sure, you can keep using paper and a pen to take notes. But, it’s harder to search for a specific note. It’s slower to write notes, which means you have less time to do the actual work. It’s not easy to use wherever you are.

And, I don’t know about you, but my handwriting is terrible!

“I’ll just use my current system of text files.”

Sure, you can keep using text files. These text files can be hard to search, unless you've set up some kind of common script or shortcut. It can’t be accessed in different places. It also can’t be formatted.

Also, if you happen to use Sublime, there is a plugin available that sends Sublime text to Evernote. How cool is that?

“I already know how to use Evernote.”

Awesome, it’s a great piece of software.

However, using it as an IT professional is different to other roles. You use it to capture different things to other people.

If there’s a way to improve how you can use Evernote for your role, wouldn't you like to know?

“I've got a different Evernote guide to use.”

That’s great, there are some good ones out there. However, none of them focus on IT professionals, which mean it’s broad and not relevant to your work.

This guide is easy to follow, and won’t go into detail on the things you don’t need to know about, like recipes.

“I can work it out myself.”

Why spend the time trying to work it out yourself?

Sure, you can play around with it and try to learn it, but it may take time.

You will benefit from the information in this guide. I’ve been using Evernote for a while, and have written this guide based on my experience, so you can save heaps of time trying to set it up.

With this guide:

You’ll have all of your notes from the work you do, your meetings, solutions, and brainstorming, all in the same place, accessible on many devices

You'll be able to find notes by simply searching for a word, date, or even a tag

You'll be able to impress your co-workers and boss with how organised you are and how good your "memory" is, when you’re able to quickly find the information you need from the past

You'll never waste time flicking through notebooks or text files for "that specific note" again

What’s In This Guide?

This guide is a short PDF file which explains:

  • How to set up Evernote for your work in the IT industry
  • How to get the most out of Evernote in the workplace
  • What you can, and should, use Evernote for
  • How to use it in the future

Why should you use this guide?

  • You can save time and focus on what’s important in your job
  • You’ll never lose a note again
  • I understand your role and have provided tips specific for the IT industry

This eBook guide can be yours for just $10.

If you were to do this on your own, you would end up spending many hours of your time.

What is the improved organisation and efficiency really worth to you?

30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m that confident in this guide, that if you are not satisfied with it, then let me know within 30 days of purchasing it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price.

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